Tips on How to Rank Higher in Apple Podcast

Podcasts that rank higher on iTunes charts get more listeners. This is a fact! When people look for new podcasts, they drift toward the top shows on the charts. So like a lot of podcasters, you probably want to see your podcast rankings better on iTunes among the other top podcasts.

Apple Podcast ranking is specified by: how often your show is downloaded, how many ratings and reviews it has, and how much buzz it’s provoking online.

To get a higher rank, you should:

  1. submit new episodes in advance
  2. ask your listeners for reviews and ratings
  3. promote the podcast on social platforms
  4. improve podcast SEO
  5. use relevant keywords in the show title and description
  6. make podcast descriptions searchable

Podcast Reviews

Podcast reviews are honest opinions from past listeners. New listeners count on them to decide whether your show is worth their time.

They give your podcast social validation and credibility, so new listeners don’t have to take your word that your podcast is great— they have other listeners vowing for it.

How to get more podcast reviews?

  • Ask for reviews every time you release a new episode
  • Read a previous review during the current episode
  • Mention reviews in your emails
  • Create a video and share it on social media (reels, story, short clip)

Honest podcast reviews can help your podcast grow in the long run, regardless of the platform you use.