Things to do before launching the podcast

Like any backbreaking work, podcasting takes a lot more work than it looks from the outside. 

It’s not always about effortlessly recording fun conversations with friends or celebrities. Instead, creating just one episode involves more planning and organizing than you’d ever thought possible.

Before you launch your podcast, there are a few things required to do:

  • release a few episodes on launch day
  • plan your business strategy
  • plan your promotional strategy
  • hire a podcast manager if you don’t have time to manage all subtasks needed for smooth flow

Podcast manager

A podcast manager helps to keep your podcast organized and on track with your concept. Podcasting takes more time than you realised. From finding guests all the way to promoting the episodes. This is where a podcast manager can help. Hiring a podcast manager can save you time and navigate you to a prosperous podcast.

A podcast manager can perform different tasks related to your show. From audio editing to guest management, a podcast manager will make your life easier:

  • Initial setup / launch⁠
  • Audio editing the episodes
  • Finding and scheduling guests
  • Researching
  • Writing show notes and transcribing the episodes
  • Social media graphics⁠
  • Social media posts
  • Audiograms⁠
  • Video editing the episodes
  • Uploading your show to your host
  • Helping with ideas about your shows