How to know that your podcast is selling to your audience?

Here are a few valuable pieces of information that will help you to find out if your podcast is selling to your audience:

  • make sure new listeners can find you easily
  • monitor returning listeners
  • understand which topics listeners like the most
  • recognize areas where you can improve
  • check your podcast insights regularly
  • check your social media insights

What can you do:

  • constantly interact with your audience
  • promote, promote, promote
  • be consistent and patient

Get your listeners hit play

Not sure how to increase your podcast listeners? 

Recording your podcast is step 1; getting people to listen is step 2. Learn these six tips for increasing listens on your podcast.

  1. write a few sentence descriptions of what is covered in the episode
  2. put timestamps of essential points
  3. when having an interview episode, you must include links so your listener can connect with your guest
  4. add any additional links mentioned in the episode
  5. make video or audio teasers for your social platforms (audiograms, trailers)
  6. pick memorable quotes and share them on your socials

Grow your audience

Every podcast has the goal of growing both in quality and quantity. Your listener base is what determines your show’s success. A big listener base means a more successful show.

There are things you can start doing to grow your audience:

  • go on other podcasts and promote your show
  • choose a good podcasting host
  • maximize SEO
  • interact with the internet
  • choose also classic advertising
  • use social media effectively
  • turn readers into listeners
  • encourage listener interaction
  • market your product
  • hold contests and giveaways
  • start uploading videos to YouTube
  • repurpose/recycle your existing content.

Your network is gold, so don’t forget to use it!