Additional Services

Why do you need a website?

Having a good website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business.
But having a more engaging website will increase your chance of a lead turning into a customer.

I can help you make the WordPress website that suits your business needs.
From choosing themes, branding/rebranding, visual look to content strategy, together we can create a professional-looking website.

Why do you need Email Management?

Email management is important to speed up your working days.
More efficient email management enables you to turn work off and strike a better balance between business and personal time. Efficient communication can help you look more professional to clients.

I can help you organize your daily emails by checking emails, replying to some of them, structuring your mails into categories, creating template replies, unsubscribing from newsletters you never read, schedule email sending.
I can also create a newsletter, surveys and forms, that can help you engage the content, promote sales, drive traffic to your website and get to know your clients better.

Why do you need Calendar Management?

The most important thing is working together on your daily, weekly, or monthly activities.

I can help create a routine, grouping all meetings and calls together, blocking time for email, optimizing time for different meetings, planning out time for breaks, lunch, exercise, family.

Zoom Meeting Services

Zoom Services includes various video conferencing, web conferencing, webinar, meeting room, screen sharing, chat, connectors, audio plans, cloud storage, and other services.
You can use Zoom for free, 40 min. conference calls with up to 100 attendees.
It’s easy to use, people don’t need a login to access a meeting and the interface is relatively intuitive.

SEO-Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

SEO can help you build better relationships with your audience, improve the customer experience, increase your authority, drive more people to your site, give you an edge over the competition, and increase conversions, which means more sales, more loyal customers, and more growth for your business.