Turn listeners into followers

So, you’ve created a podcast. Congratulations!

But what’s next?

In order to grow your listenership and turn casual listeners into dedicated followers, you’ll need to put in some effort. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Create a podcast trailer. Just like a movie trailer, a podcast trailer gives potential listeners a taste of what your podcast is all about. Keep it short, sweet, and compelling.
  2. Use a Call to Action (CTA). At the end of each episode, encourage your listeners to subscribe, rate, and review your podcast. You can also direct them to your website or social media pages.
  3. Promote your podcast on social media. Use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn to share new episodes, behind-the-scenes content, and updates.
  4. Repurpose your podcast content. Turn your podcast episodes into blog posts, social media graphics, or even a YouTube video. This allows you to reach new audiences and drive traffic back to your podcast.
  5. Create podcast SEO. Optimize your podcast title, description, and tags for search engines like Google and Apple Podcasts.
  6. Invite guests and star as a guest. Collaborating with other podcasters or industry experts is a great way to expand your reach and bring new perspectives to your show.

Remember, one of the most important factors in turning listeners into followers is sound quality. Make sure your audio is clear, well-balanced, and free of distracting background noise. By implementing these tips and putting in the work, you’ll be well on your way to building a loyal podcast following.


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