Email marketing for podcasts

You may create awesome podcasts, but how are you spreading the word?

Growing an audience is one of the primary things podcasters struggle with. There are a lot of marketing strategies, and email is one that every podcaster should be using.

Here is why…

  1. Email marketing addresses directly to the people who are already your fans
  2. It can help you find new listeners and turn them into referrers and customers
  3. Email marketing is the perfect tool to keep listeners engaged
  4. Your email campaigns can add more value to your podcast
  5. Email is more personal than promotion on social platforms

To get prepared, you should:

  • define your goals what you want to promote 
  • choose an email marketing tool
  • create a subscriber signup form
  • promote your podcast to email subscribers
  • merge social media and email marketing
  • create your email campaign content ideas

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