Podcast Management

Share your message with the world by starting and growing a podcast. Over the past few years, podcasts have become an incredibly persuasive medium for entrepreneurs to learn, share, and expand their horizons. Starting a podcast is a positive step for many businesses. Not only can it help to attract new customers to your business, but it can also help to present you as an authority in your industry.

But launching, managing, and growing a podcast is a lot of work. Before deciding whether or not to start your own podcast, it’s important to consider how much time this will require and how much money it will cost. Also, you’ll have a lot of competition in the same subject area as you, so you need to stand out from the crowd. Podcasting will only be as successful if you develop your content and your website or social media presence.

A podcast management service takes care of everything from audio mixing to writing show notes, to promoting new episodes on social media, guest outreach to audio editing.

Here are some of the services podcast managers can cover:

  • technical setup
  • audio editing
  • episode distribution
  • show note creation
  • podcast management
  • guest management
  • content repurposing
  • marketing
  • scheduling
  • copywriting (SEO blog post, newsletter, social media)

If you feel stuck and cannot perform your best in making great content for your podcast, you should consider hiring a podcast manager. We can hop on a free discovery call, to check are we a perfect fit for working together!


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